Umicore Gold Bars

With today’s economy, different modes of investment are available for people who want to participate in the investment market. A viable option would be to try their hand on buying and selling gold. There are different forms of gold that can be used to represent the investment made by an individual. Gold bullions, that is what it’s generally called which can be in coins, rounds, and bars. These items follow the gold standard set by the government which means that their prices are already set, fixed, but, can fluctuate due to the economic conditions that may affect the price of gold.

Usually, investors prefer to make their investments using gold bullion bars because they are based on the spot prices, marked as an investment making it tax-free, and premiums generally don’t apply to these types of gold items. They are made of .999 pure gold (24 karats) and are stamped with the manufacturers name together with its purity. Many different manufacturers produce gold bars all over the world. One of the major ones, called the Umicore gold bars, from the Umicore Group of Companies.

This company is a materials manufacturing technology company which includes plants that are dedicated to the production of gold items, including gold bars. The plants that they have are spread all-over Europe with the main plant in Hoboken, Belgium established in 1926 along with their plants in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. They also have their latest refinery for gold bars located in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil which is coincidentally the largest one in Latin America as well. All of their plants have accreditation from both local and international institutions that give them the right to produce such materials in their plants. They are manufacturers of hundreds and hundreds tonnes of gold being sold all over the world.

All of their gold bars are either cast or minted in their refineries using chlorination and chemical separation. The sizes of their gold bars range from the small 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, and 25 grams to the large 400 ounce, 250 grams, half-kilo, and 1 kilo bars. Each and every one of their gold bars also have unique serial numbers that are stamped on the Umicore gold bar as well. The gold bars that come from the refinery in Sao Paulo are under the Degussa brand which is also the name that been well-known from its first distribution.

As for the security of investment, their bars are stamped with their logo and follow the standards that have been set when it comes to the production of gold bars. Even though the company is one of the largest refiners in the world and have been into manufacturing gold bars for almost a hundred year, their bars aren’t well-known and some new investors may find their brand name unusual to hear. This may be caused by the variety of precious metals that they also process in their plants and outsourcing the production of gold bars to other plants which may cover up their own name once produced. But, it never really doesn’t hamper the value of the company’s gold bar that much since they can cater to investors wanting to put in a large investment or those that want flexibility with the many different sizes of their gold bars. They do have designated distributors and to add to that spot prices are the main drivers for the value of any gold bar.


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