Different Colors Of Fine Gold

Gold, in its purest form, is not strong enough to be fashioned into jewelry, coins, and all the other things that it is made into today. This is why it is mixed with other precious metals. The amount of gold found in a certain item is measured in carats. The higher the carat is, the more expensive it gets. Fine gold is anything that contains 75% of pure gold or more. This is as close to the original product that anyone can find. For the longest time, this very popular precious metal has long been used for a variety of purposes. The most common of which is in jewelry. The beautiful tone is pleasing to the eye and they do not fade or oxidize when they get into contact with water or air. With the mention of gold jewelry, most of us picture it with a yellow tone. However, this is not the only color that this metal comes in. In fact, it is available in a variety of colors. Below are some of the most popular colors of fine gold jewelry.

White Gold

This type of fine gold may look like platinum or silver to the untrained eye but this actually karat gold alloys that have a whitish tinge. They are not exactly white in the pure sense of the word. These can include gold that have tints of brown, pale rose, pale yellow, and light grey. You might find that these colors are not exactly very obvious but it is only because they are covered with rhodium plating, a white and reflective metal that protectively coats the gold.

White gold that does not have rhodium plating is made with nickel alloy. The problem is that many people are allergic to nickel, prompting jewelry makers to stop producing them today, although there are still older pieces of white gold jewelry sold today that have nickel alloys.

This type of gold is best for men and women who desire durability without the yellow tinge. It is mostly fashioned into engagement and wedding rings and are best adorned with sapphires and diamonds.

Yellow Gold

24 karat gold is 100% pure. This is why they have the traditional bright yellow tinge that most people associate gold with. This is the kind that is highly malleable, which means that shaping it is very easy to whatever kind and shape of jewelry.

Yellow gold works best for people who have warm skin tones. Yellow gold on those with cool skin tones can result to a washed out or pale appearance. It can be paired with silver or just worn on its own. This is best adorned with emeralds.

Red, Rose, and Pink Gold

Pure gold is soft which is why it is alloyed with base metals like copper to make it stronger. Red, rose, and pink gold are those that have been alloyed with copper. The higher its copper content, the darker is its color.

The highest karat for rose gold is 22 karats, referred to as crown gold. Red, rose, and pink gold looks good with rubies, pink sapphires, and diamonds.

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