Rare And Historic Silver Bars

There are so many types of antique silver bar that to even attempt to list them would be an exhaustive exercise. In addition to the innumerable "Art bars", corporate branded bars and commemorative bars - there are some other manufacturers / mining companies / mints / banks whose logos may be seen on older bars.

In old times, silver bullion manufacturing technology was not precise as it is today. Bars were poured from molten silver into moulds, and the amount of silver poured was inaccurate - so the bars were made, then weighed and finally stamped with their weight. One of the signature signs of an old silver bar is that it may have an "odd" weight, perhaps 6.22 (troy) ounces.

Many of the old bars are said to have been melted down in the "great silver melt" of 1980 - meaning that older bars are in general more rare. At that time, there was a run on silver and the prices rocketed to record highs. Suddenly, silver items that had been worth more for their collector value, became worth more for their scrap value and were melted down.

When searching through the listings, you may find a silver ingot that was recovered from a famous treasure wreck - such as the Spanish Atocha or a collection from an old Colorado mining town.

Here are some examples that I have seen photos of:

Old Silver Bar Types:

Metalor 1 kilo cast bar
100 oz World Mint MFR
Tri State Refining 25 oz
Rarities Mint 19.65 oz
Midsouth Smelter 10.2 oz 10.8 oz
Jade Assay 10.15 oz
M & B Mining Corp 10 oz
Hauser & Miller 10 oz
US Assay office 10 oz
H & H Mining 7 oz loaf style bar
SB hand poured 10.5 ounce silver bar
W.H. Foster 3 oz bar
Hospital Trust National Bank 1 oz silver bar
Banco Minero Del Peru "1 Onza Troy"
Jackson Precious Metals 1 ounce
Sharps Pixley & Co LTD, London one ounce (Swiss made)
DGSE 5 oz silver bar
Bache 1 troy ounce bar with serial number
Buschemeyers 10 oz cast bar.
Green Valley 1 oz
Golden Analytical 20 Ounce
Keiffer old pour 6.22 ounce
Tentex 100 oz
Tentex 50 oz

Extruded "Kit Kat" style bar.
TENTEX is the predecessor of what is now Sunshine Minting - TENTEX was bought by Sunshine Mining and the entire operation moved to Idaho in the mid-1980's Tennessee/Texas - 5 1/2" x 1 5/8" x1"
This item has been previously owned and has some contact marks.

100 oz Nevada Coin Mart Silver Ingot Bar .999 Fine

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