20 Amazing Facts About Silver

After gold, silver comes next as the most popular precious metal today. Its properties of ductility and malleability have made it a good material for creating a variety of materials that are essential in our day to day living.

Silver Facts:

1: Its symbol is derived from the Latin word “argentum” which means silver. The country of Argentina was named after it.
2: It is the metal of the moon.
3: It has been used as money since 700 BC.
4: It is soft in its purest form which is why it should be mixed with other metals like copper, nickel, and platinum to make it hard enough to be fashioned for jewelry and other items.
5: In at least 14 languages, the words for money and silver are similar.
6: A third of silver produced worldwide is used for photography.
7: It is the most ductile among the elements except for gold. An ounce of it can be fashioned into a thin wire that is 8,000 feet long.
8: It is the most malleable among the elements except for gold. A grain of it can be fashioned into a sheet that is 150 times thinner than paper.
9: Most mirrors have aluminum backs but silver offers the best quality finish because of its high quality reflectivity.
10: Legend has said that this wards off vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings.
11: It was more valuable than gold in Medieval Europe and ancient Egypt.
12: It was used during WWI to fight infection before the discovery of antibiotics. It is even still used today to hasted healing in burn wounds.
13: Many people believe that it has a conducive nature that can ward off negative energy and open a path to healing.
14: It has bactericidal properties that it can kill bacteria by attacking their membranes. Bacteria do not develop resistance to it so they are added to many antibiotics.
15: Silver iodide is used for cloud seeding. A pound if it can already seed cubic miles of clouds.
16: Silver cadmium and silver zinc are two of the batteries with the highest capacities.
:17 It is the best conductor of heat among all the elements.
18: Silver bromide and silver nitrate are used in manufacturing photographic film.
19: Silver alloys are commonly used in dental fillings. It is very durable and safe material that can withstand constant contact especially in one of the busiest parts of the human body.
20: More than two-thirds of silver produced worldwide is a by product of copper, zinc, and lead mining.

Uses of Silver Today:

Silver is used for making currency, mirrors, and other decorative items. Its bright white color creates a great contrast to other media, making a great tool for visual arts and decoration. Its high monetary value has made it a symbol of wealth. Its most popular uses today include currency, silverware and jewelry, dentistry, electronics and photography, optics and mirrors, medical, clothing, and commercial and industrial applications.

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