How Much Treasure Is Still Lost?

Lost treasure: Fascinating, alluring. It's power is so great that some have lost their lives chasing it. Occasionally it is found! Which only fans the flames... but more often, it is not found and many have spent years chasing in vain after phantoms.

The amount of buried treasure still unfound, is incalculable - and priceless. Some will no doubt remain lost forever, but due to advances in technology such as ground penetrating sonar, and advances in metal detectors, more and more hoards are being discovered.

Why so much buried treasure? Simply because in ancient days, a hoard of wealth was difficult to protect. There were no modern banks - and possession of great treasure was dangerous. The safest and best way to hide such treasure was to bury it - and a good burial place would become invisible after a few years.

Outlaw hoards. The premise is simple. A great theft occurs - of a priceless treasure. The outlaw must hide it, for it is too great to transport. Then, calamity overtakes them. But then, who knows the truth. Perhaps they never tell, to taunt their oppressors - and their secret goes with them to their grave. Perhaps they left a decaying map or encrypted directions.

The best treasure burial locations would of course be remote - none must see you burying the treasure. Also, there must be some distinct landmark nearby, so that you could find the hoard again when needed.

However, often the person burying a treasure told no-one. So, if they died suddenly, the treasure would be lost. Or, if they managed to give directions before they died, these may have been difficult to follow: a certain rock or formation of trees, which you recognize, others may never find, leaving behind only a tantalizing mystery.

Sometimes, as with burial honours, treasures may have been buried with no plan to retrieve them. In other cases, natural disaster may have overtaken a community and left the ruined place to sink beneath the waves or land.

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